0187 - 61 18 88 Lieve Vrouwepoldersedijk 1b 3243 LA Stad aan 't Haringvliet
0187 - 61 18 88 Lieve Vrouwepoldersedijk 1b 3243 LA Stad aan 't Haringvliet
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Optima serie haspels

The IRRIFRANCE OPTIMA range brings together the best the industry has to offer. It guarantees you safety, ergonomy and robustness. We are constantly listening closely to what our customers have to tell us when we design and manufacture these reel machines. OPTIMA products are authorized for travel on public roads.

From Ø63 to Ø135

From 225m to 750m:

  • 1005
  • 1010
  • 1015
  • 1020
  • 1027
  • 1032
  • 1037
  • 1045
  • 1055

A lifting system suited to all terrain conditions

  • Anti-spill articulated trolley, fully hot galvanised.
  • Equipped with a runner or wheel kit.
  • Constant barrel angle regardless of the slope.

High performance and multi-function turbine

  • Fully cast iron or alu on 1045, 1050 VPS and 1055.
  • Wide passage sections, reduced load loss.
  • Wide flow range, very high torque.


  • Gearbox with several gears, meets every constraint: Irrigation – Mist – Spreading.
  • Automatic unwinding brake.
  • Tractor PTO re-winding.

Winding Safety

  • Sensor in forward position for better protection of the PE pipe.

Ground screws

  • Hot galvanised.
  • Manual, mechanical by rack or hydraulic command depending on version.


  • Weight distribution closely designed for maximum stability.
  • Low centre of gravity.
  • Automatic declutching by mechanical command.
  • Highly advanced and reinforced ground support.

"V" Profile chassis

  • High mechanical resistance.
  • Height adjustable coupling pin (except 1005/1010).
  • High resistance or galvanised epoxy paint.
  • Fully hydraulic bogey chassis (1027-1032-1037 depending on version/1045-1055 as standard)

Turret Rotation

  • Manual with automatic locking on 1005-1010 series.
  • Mechanical or hydraulic on the other versions.
  • All-position rotation angle.
  • High multiplication, effortless rotation.
  • High safety, automatic locking system.

Regulation System

  • Electronic management, 2 versions available: Irricontrol or Irridoseur.


  • One-piece assembly, solenoid valves and pressure switch.
  • Motorised butterfly valve.
  • Maximum protection.

Hydraulic version option (from 1005 to 1020, standard on other models). Selection

  • Ground screws only, from the tractor distributor.
  • Two hydraulic functions: screws and rotation.
  • Three hydraulic functions from a distributor placed on the draw bar: ground screws, turret rotation and front jack.

Trolley equipment

  • As standard on 1005-1010: pendular trolley.
  • Optional on 1005-1010: anti-spill articulated.